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16 High Paying Jobs from Home Without A Degree or Experience 2023

They work intimately with a single executive to arrange their schedule, screen calls, create presentations, acquire supplies, and handle managerial duties. Executive assistants often accompany executives to gatherings to take minutes and assist them with staying organized. Graphic designers create the designs you see in posters, magazines, infographics, cards, packaging, and logos. If you are creative remote jobs that don’t require a degree and familiar with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and CorelDRAW, this is a career for you. According to FlexJobs, Lowe’s offers a variety of flexible positions that don’t require a degree for both in-store employees and those who work remotely. According to FlexJobs, this hotel management and hospitality company has several flexible job options that only require a high school diploma.

  • Becoming a project manager is perfect for people who love admin and management roles.
  • While the tasks are essential for businesses they often don’t require full-time employees, so those looking to make some extra money will find that these jobs fit into their spare time.
  • Content or copywriters can get work writing advertising copy, website homepages, service pages, blog content, social media copy, and PR material.
  • Here are some of the most common online jobs and how to land a legitimate one, with or without experience.
  • To be hired as a website tester withUserTesting, you’ll be required to submit an application and complete a test project.

Remote jobs that tend not to require a college degree do typically require a decent amount of experience, which is why they’re a great fit for someone with a longer career history. If you’re good at managing professional relationships, this field offers plenty of opportunities to put your skills to use. Client services managers serve as liaisons between a company and their clients, ensuring that communications are clear and projects meet expectations. This field also offers many opportunities for contract assignments. However, you may still consider a college degree later on in your career to advance your knowledge and increase your chance of getting a higher position. Many college degree programs will suit your schedule so you can continue to work from home while furthering your education.

Graphic Design

Below are 33 legitimate online jobs where you can earn over $50,000 a year without a degree — and most of them allow you to make your own schedule. Whether you’re looking to escape the cubicle or just earn extra cash, these options can help. Social media/community manager – They work through various online outlets and platforms to build a positive online brand reputation, disseminate company news, and promote a product or service. The average salary is $58,899 without a degree, and $48,994 with a degree. Software Architect – Software development experts make high-level design choices and enforce technical standards. The average salary is $93,368 without a degree, and $97,490 with a degree. Many of the at-home job listings we found require real-world experience on top of a degree.

  • You might also need to collaborate with other departments, colleagues, or external business partners.
  • For example, the average air traffic controller makes $129,750 per year with only a community college education, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • I have a list of the only two companies I recommend for web search evaluation here.
  • They make sure the room is ready for the surgery, prepare all the instruments, and provide the physicians with the tools they need throughout the surgery.

Start by enrolling in afreelance writing courserun by someone who has been successful as a freelance writer.Gina Horkey’s freelance writing coursefits that bill. Gina was able to replace her full-time income with freelance writing in matter of months, and now teaches other aspiring freelance writers the tricks of the trade. Freelance writing was one of my first forays into making money online, so I’m quite partial to it. If you love writing, then freelance writing might be the ideal way for you to make money online. The first thing I recommend doing is watching thefree web classoffered by Kayla Sloan, a highly successful virtual assistant and creator ofTen K VA. If it feels like everywhere you turn, you meet someone who works online, living the digital nomad lifestyle, then you’d be correct. Over the past decade or two, there’s been a steady rise in the number of people trading long commutes and business suits for a 2-second commute to their home office and sweatpants.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Once you’re all set, start looking for job listings on websites that post remote jobs. You may visit the official website of companies that you would like to work for or use sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Hubstaff, and Indeed.

best work from home jobs without degree

As a freelance writer, you will write for magazines, blogs, company websites, news outlets, and more. You can also create sales copies for businesses depending on your area of expertise. Here are a few well-paying work-from-home jobs you can do without a college degree. If you’re like many people looking for a decent work-from-home job and haven’t been to university, we have sampled a few high paying work from home jobs without a degree for you to consider. A transcriptionist’s salary varies depending on the nature and industry of the job, but it is lower than what other jobs listed above would pay.

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