Indira Social Welfare Organisation

ବିଶ୍ଵ କୁନ୍ତଳ ଶିଶୁ ଗୃହ


The efforts of members and volunteers from Indira Social Welfare Organization – ISWO over the past decade and more ,prepared the ground for setting up a home for children in distress inclusive of victims of neglect, oppression–sexually or otherwise.

ISWO, by the time of formally setting up this children’s home, had gathered a reasonable amount of experience in dealing with such helpless children while serving at Mamata Shishu Gruha housing children of parents suffering or cured from leprosy in coordination with other social development organizations and district administration.

The affairs of the home BKCH with was being managed by ISWO on its own though with following the standard norms .In early 2014, responding to the notification of the department of Women and child development through the DCPU, Dhenkanal, a formal interest was placed with the district administration for granting status of a CCI .The certificate to this effect bears number 03/JJ-DKL/2015.

All children in the BKCH  have been given placement are under the category of CNCP duly recognized & ordered by the Child Welfare Committee –CWC, Dhenkanal. Rehabilitation of children restoration to the custody of parents or legal guardians  are done as per law under orders of the CWC.

With our limited resources we have been running the child care institution (CCI) called Biswakuntal Children’s Home at Mahulpada of Baladiabandha G.P in Sadar block, Dhenkanal.Now BKCH has the capacity to house & support 50 numbers of CNCP children.

CNCP means Child in Need of Care & Protection.

The following are some of the Vulnerable Groups that comprise the CNCP group.

  1. Street children
  2. Orphaned, abandoned and destitute Children
  3. Working children
  4. Abused children
  5. Children who are victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
  6. Children engaging in substance abuse
  7. Children in conflict and disaster situations
  8. Children in families ‘at-risk’
  9. Differently-abled children
  10. Mentally ill children
  11. HIV / AIDS-affected / infected children
  12. Juveniles in conflict with the law


BKCH is a recognized Child care institution (CCI) under certificate: 03/JJ-DKL/2015, issued by the District child protection unit (DCPU). The parent organization INDIRA SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION- ISWO is a Registered society under S.R ACT 1860 bearing reg no. 2111/149.


All activities are managed by the Home Management committee and executive staff panel .

The staff panel consists of Job specific positions :- Superintendent, Counselor, Case Worker, Accountant, Educator, House father, House mother, Part time Doctor, Paramedical staff, Cultural Teacher, Data Entry Operator, Cook, Assistant cook, House keeping, Security guard(Total 15 Nos of staffs)


By the DCPU staff, the Child welfare Committee (CWC) and officer from the district administration, the directorate of Odisha State Child Protection Society and The Dept. of Women and Child Development, Govt of Odisha. Along with Regular monitoring of DIC team & DLSA team


Apart from the routine academics as regular, quasi regular student in school/college the children are encouraged to take part in co- curricular activities like music and dance event,sports,plays in house as well as in the nearby locality and beyond areas.



1.Morning Breakfast

2.Earlylunch ( on school days) tiffin(on school days)

4.Mid Day Lunch(on Holidays)

5.Evening Snacks


*Safe drinking water taps and filters are there in all room and common space.

*On festivals & special occasions, dishes to the liking of the children are prepared


The children are medically examined by visiting doctors. RBSK teams and When required, outside medical facilities are utilized.


Well maintained separate toilet facilities are there for boys and girls, with regular cleaning.


The children attend schools and colleges nearby, which are the Jawaharlal Nodal Upper Primary School, Gaurangacharan Vidyapitha , Brajanatha Badajena High School, Gopabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Dhenkanal Autonomous College,Evening College,Women’s College,Dhenkanal ITI,Dhenkanal Polytechnic etc.We have been also providing tuition & coaching facility by volunteer teachers to boost the academic knowledge of the Children.Along with class room activities they are being trained with extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, role play, yoga etc.


There are facilities for vocational skill training in agarbatti making, sewing and dress making, candle making, paper bag making, doormat making, doll making, kitchen garden etc


Outdoor: Cricket, badminton, volley ball, football, athletics and native games.

Indoor: carom, Ludo , Carrom Board and chess.