Indira Social Welfare Organisation

ଏକତା ବାହିନୀ


ISWO believes in cultural program as one or the powerful weapon to feed inputs in the minds of the people especially in making people aware about their own  situation created by social norms and values and take proper decision. ISWO has cultural team named “Ekata Vahini” .Through performances it provides platforms of dissemination of solution against social prejudice especially against women. The performances of the troupe of various themes has been acclaimed at National and International level. It performs plays on different sensitive issues like domestic violence, dowry torture, HIV & AIDS , T.B, sexual harassment at work place, Environmental exploitation, anti-liquor, Female Foeticide, witchcraft, Violence against women, POCSO, Dowry eradication, child labour, child marriage, malaria eradication & various health and sanitation related awareness programs