Indira Social Welfare Organisation


The Spirit of our workers & volunteers is very high &  their commitment is unfazed .But Resource limitation and mobility constraints pose difficulties in time to time. Financial Problem is a very big challenge to us  in order to arrange and execute our service  properly and help the needy people.

With our limited resources We have been running a child care institution (CCI) called Biswakuntal Children’s Home at Mahulpada of Dhenkanal. It is registered under J.J. Act. Recently it is a home to 50 CNCP children(both boys & girls ,6-18 yrs) who are orphan, destitute, children of prisoners, Neglected children, child of incapacitated family or child labour and Beggar. Apart from free lodging and boarding the children are extended total health and recreational care along with school and home teaching. Vocational training is given to them to empower them for their future livelihood. Now 15 dedicated staffs are engaged for the construction of these children’s future.

Our major problem is to manage the child care institution in limited resources as we haven’t received any permanent Grant in Aid from any Government or non government Agency  despite of lots of efforts and endeavour.

Our Basic Expenditures:


Now we have been arranging Five time fooding  for the Children as per Govt. Guidelines i.e

  • Two time  Meals & Three time Tiffin System on School Days

              (Breakfast,Early Lunch before school,School Tiffin,Evening Snacks & Dinner)

  • Three time Meals & Two time Tiffin System on Non school Days/Holidays

              (Breakfast,Early Lunch,Lunch,Evening Snacks,Dinner)

On an average we have to spend appx. Rs. 15.00-Rs. 17.00(Appx.$ 0.25 USD) per Tiffin of a child  & Rs. 33.00 – Rs. 35.00(Appx.$ 0.50 USD) per Meal of a child.

Along with their fooding proper treatment & Care are also being provided to them in the field of their health & sanitation.i.e expenditure for their routine health check ups ,medicines,providing them soaps, hair sampoo, hair oil, tooth paste,detergents, Disinfectant

 liquids & Cleaners,Sanitizers & Handwashes,Sanitary Pads etc. as their basic daily needs.

Apart from their regular basic needs  We provide them their Clothings,Foot Wears, WinterWears, Mats,Pillows,Bedsheets, Blankets, MosquitoNets, School & College  Uniforms from time to time.

Our children attend  their schools and colleges in the nearby locations. We have been also providing tuition & coaching facility by volunteer teachers to boost the academic knowledge of the Children. Along with class room activities they have been  being trained with extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, role play, yoga etc.We also provide our childrens facilities for vocational skill training in agarbatti making, sewing and dress making, candle making, paper bag making, doormat making, doll making,Different Handicraft Items, kitchen garden etc in order to allow them to gain practical experience in their choosen career path apart from education.

In these field  expenditure in terms of their books,notes,School & college Stationaries

Educator’s Fees,Art & Craft teacher’s Fees,Vocational Trainer’s Fees,Raw Materials expenses for Vocational Training,Transportation  Cost etc are made by Us.Apart from these an expenditure of Rs 10,000/-(Appx $ 125USD) is spent towards the electricity cost & Maintenance of the Children’s Home.

Management Expenditure: Now 15 dedicated staffs are engaged for the construction of these children’s future with  very negligible salaries.We are trying our best to solve the problem and  compensate them with their deserving salaries for their work, but unable to do it properly due to resource limitations..

Apart from the Child Care Institution  ISWO is also managing the Women Support Center(Surakhya Mahila Prakostha) which acts as an immediate redressal mechanism to combat violence and to support the survivor of Dowry Torture, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trafficking, Child Sexual Harassment and the socially excluded Women and vulnerable group.As most of the survivors belong to marginal and poor background,They also need Support for their sustainability  in the Society.


You can help us  by contributing something for the development of the Children & needy people both in the form of  Kinds(goods & assets) & Cash donation.

If you want to contribute something in form of goods for example Groceries, Vegetables, books, notes ,Personal care items for children, dresses, bedding, blankets, snacks items, dry food items, any kind of stationary & Equipment , building maintenance Support etc then you can send it on our Children’s Home’s address mentioning  your personal details.


If you want to support us financially  then donate in our authorized bank accounts and send us a message mentioning  your personal details and purpose of donation for a transparent service .

For example-If you want to give a  tiffin cost  of a child for one month,then the cost will be appx Rs.500/-  . If you want to give a meal for one month the cost will be Appx. 1000/- . Similarly you can support us  to fulfill their basic needs,education,health & nutrition,Staff management,building maintenance , Support for Woman & Child Survivors etc.


You can also celebrate your special days and occasions i.e Birth Days,Anniversaries,Marriages,small parties,Religious festivals with the  and feed them.Because your ten persons’ expenses in a restaurant  can feed all of our Children  with full satisfaction.

If you want so,then contact us for a prior discussion.

Your Waste can be Our Best !!!

Please Donate:

For any type of UPI Payment :Mob7978914732 or scan the provided QR Code

UPI ID – 7978914732@upi (Indira Social Welfare Organisation)


      A/c No-540501010032375           IFSC No-UBIN0546381

         ISWO FCRA(For any type of Foreign Contribution) A/c No

     A/c No- 40713190334                    IFSC No- SBIN0000691

                             For Any query related to Donation

Please Contact:

         Mob-7978914732(Management & Administration)

     (Call & WhatsApp Facilities are available in this Number)

After Your Contribution Please send us a message in the above contact number mentioning  your personal details & Cause of Donation for a transparent service. Please feel free to contact us, if you want your donation receipt for any kind of Tax exemption.

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If you want to Contribute in forms of ASSETS or GOODS for our Children, Please send in the provided Address :

                                            BISWAKUNTALA SHISHU GRUHA

    At/PO- Mahul Pada ,GP-Baladiabandha,Dist-Dhenkanal,S-Odisha,Pin-759027.