Indira Social Welfare Organisation

ସୁରକ୍ଷା ମହିଳା ପ୍ରକୋଷ୍ଠ


ISWO has always worked for the betterment of the women in the district with its effort. At the time of its inception the women in the District were variously maltreated, harassed, and exploited by the male counterpart and the Survivor women were not able to effectively raise their voice and to enforce their rights. Through the Support Center we address various issues relating women and violence. Thus the “Surakhya Mahila Prakostha” Support Center started functioning in the District Police Office on 23th August, 2007. For the smooth Functioning of the cell one MOU had been signed by superintendent of police Dhenkanal and ISWO organization. ISWO had started functioning “Surakhya Mahila Prakostha” the first of its kind in the District to address violence against women, their protection and support.In 2009 I.G of Police HR and SJ I/C Addl D.G of Police, HRPC officially approved the Surakya Mahila Prakosta (ISWO).   Now Surakhya Mahila Prakostha is a proper platform for the women of the district to raise their voices and get justice.

The Women support center has the following objectives

  • To Bridge the gap between the people and law enforce system.
  • Redressal of gender violence against women with the support of the system in the District.
  • To receive the grievances of the survivor and act for the redressal.
  • Counseling, Moral/Legal/Shelter/Medical support and rehabilitation are provided.
  • Lobby and advocacy with the stakeholders for redressal of violence.
  • Building support system to strengthen the survivors.
  • Building pressure group within Communities to act on violence against women(VAW)
  • Sensitizing the women about their constitutional rights, law and other various governmental and non-governmental schemes.

Redressal Mechanisms:

Though the Support center is working on women violence, it has never ignored the rehabilitation part. Consequently all these activities like legal support, economic support, and accommodation are the integral to their programme. The Surakhya Mahila Prakostha addresses the grievance under the supervision of our advisers and two eminent  counselors. Besides them one home guard support was deputed by the SP Dhenkanal to the Surakhya Mahila Prakostha which is a great help. Support Center acts as an immediate redressal mechanism to combat violence and to support the survivor of Dowry Torture, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trafficking, Child Sexual Harassment and the socially excluded Women and vulnerable group.

Some Happy Faces after Counselling: